Letter to Florida Attorney General Charles Crist (& State Attorney Lawson Lamar)

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February 19, 2003
Mr. Charles Crist
Office of the Attorney General, State of Florida
The Capitol, Room PL 01
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1050

Re: Your action is needed to free an innocent man from Florida prison

Dear Mr. Crist:

In November of 1997, Mr. Alan R. Yurko was arrested for killing his son, the two-and-a-half month old baby Alan Ream Yurko, by vigorous shaking of the head. Mr. Yurko was subsequently convicted and sentenced to life (+ 10 years) in Florida prison without possibility of parole. In August 2002, Mr. Yurko and his wife, Francine, requested that I evaluate their case (case # MEH-1064-97) to find the factual cause(s) that led to baby Alan’s cardiac arrest and death in November of 1997. My evaluation of the medical evidence and the trial document reveals that Mr. Yurko is innocent and baby Alan’s death was caused by vaccines and medications. Briefly, vaccines induced diabetes, systemic infections, cardiac arrest, and a coma. At the hospital, baby Alan was overdosed with heparin and sodium bicarbonate. This caused bleeding in the brain and several tissues and hypoxia.

Enclosed please find my 77-page report entitled “Analysis of Causes That Led to Baby Alan Ream Yurko’s Cardiac Arrest and Death in November of 1997”. It describes my findings and conclusions in specific detail [1]. Enclosed also are reviews of this report by Dr. Harold Buttram, MD, and three journalists [2-5].

My review of the case also revealed some astonishing facts. The Medical Examiner, Dr. Shashi B. Gore described the histology of the heart in his autopsy report, but the heart was donated prior to autopsy. In addition, Dr. Gore is on record stating that baby Alan’s head circumference was 22 cm, but the medical records show the head circumference to have been 37.5 cm at eighteen days prior to the autopsy. These data indicate that Dr. Gore got his cases confused. Furthermore, the state’s four expert witnesses did not review the evidence or the related published literature to sort out the facts. Their testimonies were based on theories, not on medical evidence. The prosecutor contributed to the problem by focusing upon that theory only. I believe that the state of Florida has the responsibility to review the evidence in light of my report [1]. It demonstrates Mr. Yurko’s innocence, and the state should take speedy action to free him from prison.

The state and the medical system should be focused on finding the facts—the causes of the injury and death of children in cases such as this—and preventing these problems from happening again. Accusing innocent parents of abusing and killing their children based on unsupported theory, as it happened in the case of baby Alan, will not prevent the death of another child by vaccines and wrong medications. But it certainly puts innocent people in prison and causes their families unimaginable suffering. It also costs the taxpayers huge sums of money to pay for trials and legal fees. The medical/scientific evidence presented in my report [1] shows that axonal injury, subdural bleeding, and retinal bleeding can result from a variety of causes, and that these lesions are not necessarily signs of trauma, as the state witnesses and the prosecutor claimed.

Alan Yurko and his family suffered two tragedies. The first tragedy was the loss of baby Alan because of the adverse reactions to vaccines and the treatment with excessive doses of heparin and sodium bicarbonate. The Yurko’s second tragedy was the conviction of Mr. Yurko of a horrible crime that he did not commit. I believe that the state of Florida and the doctors who caused the Yurko’s tragedies should compensate Mr. Yurko and his family for the loss of their child, their suffering, and their expenses.

Your consideration of this important matter is highly appreciated. I will be happy to answer your questions concerning my findings.

Best regards,

Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati
Toxicologist and Pathologist


Attachments List

[1] Al-Bayati’s report entitled Analysis of Causes That Led to Baby Alan Ream Yurko’s Cardiac Arrest and Death in November of 1997.
[2] Dr. Harold E. Buttram’s letter, November 17, 2002. Woodland Healing Research Center, Quakertown, PA.
[3] “Dixon man on crusade for justice” by Timothy Van Zant, Dixon Tribune, Dixon, California, Sunday, December 15, 2002.
[4] “Rat poison killed Yurko ‘Shaken Baby’’ by Fintan Dunne, January 7, 2003;http://www.sickofdoctors.addr.com/articles/yurko.htm
[5] “Vaccines and medicine--not father--caused Florida baby's death, toxicologist concludes” Idaho Observer, January 2003; http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20030106.htm


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