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Folks, the studies and editorial links (4) below are of grave importance. What we have is a major shift in the s.b.s. paradigm. The attached will be responsible for a wave of appeals, and drastically changes the way the prosecution will have to prove their case. This is a landmark break through which should be disseminated as widely as possible, due to the importance of this study and it's huge impact on the world medico-legal theatres. As we say in America, "It's a whole new ball game."

No Matter What,
Alan R. Yurko CPCC, Sc.

New Scientist

"Brain" -- Geddes et al. 124 (7): 1290

"Brain" -- Geddes et al. 124 (7): 1299

"Brain" -- Graham 124 (7): 1261


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(Why reversing this conviction will help many people)

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